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We are a professional partner for our customers for all questions about the order our suppliers:​

  • Support for visas/Invitations to the fashion fairs in Germany

  • Advice on the placing of orders / time scheduling, implementation of customer requests

  • control and optimization of the producers delivery times

  • organization of delivery to the forwarders in Germany

  • support for the creation of necessary documents

  • complaints processing

  • advice on surface conception and openings of shops

  • support by promotion trade magazines and life styles magazines 

Services to our suppliers:

  • increase of brand awareness and creation of a brand confidence

  • market lunch

  • Intensive marketing

  • Intensive Customer Support and acquisition of new customers

  • Organization of sales activity

  • Organization and support of the participation in fashion fairs in Moscow

  • takeover of the order processing

  • Organization supplies to Russia and other States

  • Vote BH / payment control / complaint handling


Want to know more?  |  Tel. +49 33056 410 00  |  Fax +49 33056 422 42

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